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The Punisher

Cheat mode:
Create a new profile with V PIRATE as a case-sensitive name, 
including the space. All missions, challenge modes, punishment 
modes, armory, war journal stuff, comic covers, concept art, 
flashbacks, movies, skins and cheats will be unlocked.

Select the "Extras" option at the main menu. Select the 
"Cheats" option, then "Unlock Skin". Type one of the following 
codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect                  Code 
2000 skin               CEILINGFAN  
1990 skin               WOODCHIPPER  
1980 skin               NAILGUN 

Cheat mode (alternate):
Get a gold medal rank on the indicated level to unlock the 
corresponding cheat in an apartment sub-menu. 

Crazy Deaths:           Lucky's Bar
Gun Splitters:          Crack House
Unlimited Ammo:         Pier 74 Revisited
Invulnerability:        All levels
No Reloads:             Stark Towers
One Shot Kills:         Ryker's Island
Unlimited Slaughter:    Takagi Building 
Concept art:            Get at least a bronze medal rank 
                        on each level. 

Comic covers:
Successfully complete challenge and punishment modes to unlock 
all comic covers. 

Successfully complete the indicated level to unlock the 
corresponding weapon. 

.40 caliber submachine gun:             Gnucci Estate
.45 caliber machine pistol:             Chop Shop
.50 caliber semi-automatic pistol:      Igor Baltiysky
5.56mm machine pistol:                  Grey's Funeral Home
5.56mm assault rifle:                   Central Zoo
5.7mm submachine gun:                   Fisk Industries
7.62mm assault rifle:                   Pier 74
Anti-tank weapon:                       Pier 74 Revisted
Auto shotgun:                           Takagi Building
Battle rifle:                           Stark Towers
Flame thrower:                          Igor Baltiysky
Grenade launcher:                       Pier 74
Hand cannon:                            Gnucci Estate
Machine gun:                            Grey's Funeral Home
Revolver:                               Lucky's Bar
Sniper rifle:                           Grand Nixon Island 

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