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Cheat Codes:

Enter these codes while playing. Most of these codes require Alt
to be pressed to activate. They don't have to be capitalized.

BOMB: Fires a bouncy grenade that detonates after 3 seconds. On
detonation the grenade creates a blast that affects nearby racers

BURN: Fires a ball of fire directly from the front of your car and
explodes on impact.

LAUNCH: Forms an "out of body experience". You can use the mouse
to control the screen and your control the car and the screen.

JUMP: Pressing Alt causes your car to jump in the air.

TWISTER: In single player, your car acts like the centre of a
twister and causes nearby cars to be flung around yours.

SUCK: In single player, it acts like a magnet and pulls you
towards other racers.

ICBM: When you accelerate. Your car ignores gravity and speed
increases dramatically. Your car heads in the direction it is

SLIPPY: Decreases your and computer controlled car�s grip on the

STICKY: Increases your and computer controlled car�s grip on the

LIGHT: Increases the acceleration to dramatically.

LUNAR: Decreases gravity affecting you and cpu opponents.

HOVER: Your car hovers above the ground. Terrain type doesn�t
affect traction.

BLAST: Blasts all cpu cars away from yours.

SPIDER: Makes your car grip onto any surface. Even upside down.
You can drive up walls.

APOLLO: When you press Alt your car acts like a helicopter.

SLEEP: Computer drivers fall asleep at the wheel and don�t

GLIDER: Your car acts like a Glider. Dives when push UP, pulls
back when you press DOWN.

WARP: All computer cars slow down and run at lower speeds. 

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