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All weapons:

Type lobocop or press [Alt] + W. 

God mode:

Type lobodeity or press [Alt] + G. 

All items:

Type loboswag. 

All keys:

Type lobopick. 

Full map:

Type lobosphere. 

Disable explosion and gun flashes:

Type lobolite. 

Display current coordinates:

Type loboxy. 

Command mode:

Type holly. Enter one of the following commands in the space that
appears at the top of the screen. 

Level select
Type level . 

Level skip
Type exit. 

Activate all switches
Type doors. This will open all doors and traps. 

Summon creature
Type creature  to place the corresponding opponent at
the current location. 

0 - Anubis 
1 - Spider 
2 - Mummy 
3 - Piranha 
4 - Basset 
5 - Magmantis 
6 - Am-Nit 
7 - Set 
8 - Kilmatikhan 
9 - Alien Worker 
10 - Alien Worker 
11 - Omen Wasp

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