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Police Quest

Debug mode:
Type "stink bug" during game play to enable debug mode. The version
number will be displayed. The following codes can now be entered to
activate the corresponding cheat function for the current screen.

Effect                              Code 
Assign new value to variable        set var <value> 
Change current coordinates          position <x, y> 
Get all items                       gimme gimme  
Select object to obtain             get object <code number>  
Reset indicated flag                reset flag <name> 
Set indicated flag                  set flag <name>
Show priorities; press [Esc]
to exit                             show priority 
Show indicated variable             show var <name>
Show indicated flag                 show flag <name>
Teleport                            tp <code number>

Object code numbers:
Use one of the following entries with the get object code.

Object                  Code 
Ammunition              6 
Briefcase               7 
Cadillac Keys           3 
Corvette Keys           2 
Hair Bleach             19 
Handcuffs               24 
Hoffman File            15 
Loaded Revolver         14  
Lytton Tribune          11 
Marked Money            20 
Nightstick              13 
No Bail Warrent         23  
Note Book               8 
Patrol Car Keys         1 
Pen                     9 
Radio Extender          4 
Revolver                5 
Room Key                22 
Ticket Book             10 
Transmitter Pen         21  
Trick Cane              18 
Wallet                  12 
Wanted Poster           16 
White Suit              17 

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