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NHL '98

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 MANTIS     -->   Gives players elongated arms, legs, and necks.
 NHLKIDS    -->   Makes players kidsize.
 HOMEGOAL   -->   Gives home team a goal.
 AWAYGOAL   -->   Gives away team a goal.
 PENALTY    -->   Causes a penalty.
 INJURY     -->   Causes an injury.
 ZAMBO      -->   Puts the zamboni on the ice.
 VICTORY    -->   Starts fireworks over the rink.
 FLASH      -->   Camera flashes from the stands.
 SPOTS      -->   Turns on the pre-game spotlights.
 CHECK      -->   Every player automatically body checks an opposing
                  player to the ice upon contact.
 GRAB       -->   Similar to CHECK but with a stick hold instead of 
                  a check
 STANLEY    -->   Plays the end of season video.  
 EAEAO      -->   Gives you the EA Blades team.

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