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NHL 2003

Bonus players:
Create a player and enter one of the following names. The game 
will complete his abilities and stats. Some players will also 
have a portrait. 

Adam Hall
Alfie Michaud
Barry Richter
Ben Simon
Blake Bellefeuille
Brad Moran
Brian Sutherby
Chris Ferraro
Corey Hirsch
Dave Morisset
David Nemirovsky
Derek Mackenzie
Eric Fichaud
Evgeny Konstantinov
Greg Crozier
Greg Pankewicz
Guy Hebert
Ivan Huml
Jakub Cutta
Jason LaBarbera
Jason Zent
Johan Witehall
Kay Whitmore
Larry Murphy
Mark Fitzpatrick
Marquis Mathieu
Martin Brochu
Matt Herr
Matt Higgins
Michel Larocque
Raffi Torres
Rene Corbet
Rich Parent
Rick Tabaracci
Sascha Goc
Scott Fankhouser
Ty Jones
Xavier Delisle 

At the created player screen, enter various names of real players that do not 
appear in the rosters (such as Eric Lindros). Their exact profile and face 
will appear. 
Create a player using one of the following names of members of the Bare Naked 
Ladies: Jim Creeggan, Tyler Stewart, Steven Page, Ed Robertson, or Kevin Hearn. 
The game will adjust the players face and statistics automatically to match that 
band member. 

Enter the following as a last name in create a character and the game will say 
the phrase when you score or get selected for three stars, get a penalty etc.: 
The Dude, Hammer, The Wall. Remember, the entries with two words are both in the 
last name field.

Enter Claw X as a name to create a player by that same name.
Enter Wayne Gretzky as a created player name to unlock him.


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