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NFS III: Hot Pursuit

Bonus Cars:

 To access these cars, enter the desired code in the game setup screen,
 then click RACE.

  go01-Drive Mazda Miata 
  go02-Drive Toyota Landcruiser 
  go03-Drive A Cargo Truck 
  g004-Drive BMW5 series 
  go05-Drive 71 plymouth Cuda 
  go06-Drive Ford Pickup 
  go07-Drive Jeep Cherokee 
  go08-Drive Ford Aereostar Van? 
  go09-Drive 64/65 Mustang 
  go10-Drive 66 Chevy pickup 
  go11-Drive Range Rover 
  go12-Drive School Bus 
  go13-Drive a Taxi Cab 
  go14-Drive chevy Cargo Van 
  go15-Drive Volvo Station wagon 
  go16-Drive a Mercedez Sedan 
  go17-Drive Crown Cop Car 
  go18-Drive Mitsubishi Eclipse Cop Car 
  go19-Drive Grand Am Cop Car 
  go20-Drive Range Rover Cop Car 
  go21-Drive Cargo Truck(Same as 03) 

Cheat Codes:

Enter these codes at the game setup screen.

  elnino -- Enable the el nino car 
  merc -- Enable the Mercedez CLK GTR 
  jag -- Enable The Jaguar sport car 
  empire -- Enable Empire City Track 
  rushhour -- Lots of traffic 
  madland -- ??????? 
  gofast -- Go twice as fast in single player 
  allcars -- Enable all car including pursuit 
  newcars -- Bonus police cars

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