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NFL Blitz

Cheat mode:

Press Turbo, Jump, and Pass to change the icons below the helmets on the
versus screen. The numbers in the following list indicate the number of
times each key/button is pressed. After the icons have been changed,
press the joystick/gamepad in the indicated direction to enable the code.
The name of the code and a sound will confirm correct code entry. Example,
to enter 1-2-3 Left, press Turbo, Jump two times, Pass three times, Left.

Effect                               Code 

Show more field*                     021R  
Big head                             200R 
Team big head                        203R  
Team big players                     141R  
Team tiny players                    310R  
Big football                         050R 
Hide receiver name                   102R  
Rainy weather                        555R  
Night game                           222R 
Headless team                        123R  
Throw unlimited distances            223R  
Super passing*                       423R  
No CPU assistance*                   012D  
No random fumbles                    423D  
Smart CPU opponent                   314D  
Shows field goal percentage          001D  
Tournament mode in two player game   111D  
Snowy weather                        525D  
Unidentified call carrier            522D  
Power-up offense                     312U  
Power-up defense                     421U  
Power-up teammates                   233U  
Super blitz                          045U 
Unlimited turbo                      514U  
No punting                           151U 
No interceptions                     344U  
No first downs                       210U  
Huge head                            040U 
Late hits                            010U 
Hyper blitz*                         555U  
Invisible                            433U 
Clear tournament mode*               111U  
Super blitz*                         444U  
Turn off stadium                     500L  
No play selection*                   115L  
Fast passes                          250L 
Fast turbo running                   032L  
Power-up speed*                      404L  
Power-up blocker                     312L  
Allow stepping out of bounds         211L  
Super field goal                     123L  
No heads                             321L 
Clear weather                        212L  
Invisible receiver highlight         333L  

* Two player agreement required. 

Hidden players:

Enter one of the following name and PIN numbers to activate the
corresponding player.

Name        Code 

TURMELL     0322  
SAL         0201 
JASON       3141 
JENIFR      3333 
DANIEL      0604 
JAPPLE      6660 
ROOT        6000 
LUIS        3333 
MIKE        3333 
GENTIL      1111 
BRAIN       1111 
FORDEN      1111 
SKULL       1111 
CARLTN      1111 
SHINOK      8337 
RAIDEN      3691 
THUG        1111 
VAN         1234 
BILLZ       0526 
ZZ          1221 
JIMK        5651 
MARKA       1112 
ED          3246 
TODD        1122 
MITCH       4393 
JOHN        5158 
JOSH        4288 
RYAN        1029 
BETH        7761 
BRIAN       0818 
GRINCH      2220 
PAULO       0517 
LT          7777 
NICO        4440 
GATSON      1111 
GUIDO       6765 
ROG         8148 
MONTY       1836 
SHUN        0530 
GENE        0310 
PAULA       0425 
DBN         6969 

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