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Cheat mode:
Start the game with the "-D" command line parameter. Then, enter
wizard as a name and start the game. Enter one of the following
commands to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect                                          Code 
Show more info than usual                       #conduct  
Enhance any skill without practice              #enhance  
Change your level from 1 to 30.                 #levelchange  
Control monster polymorphs.                     #monopoly_control  
View all mobile light sources                   #lightsources  
View seen vectors                               #seenv  
View memory statistics                          #stats  
View timeout queue                              #timeout  
View vision array                               #vision  
View wall modes                                 #wmode  
View all doors and traps                        ^e  
Full map                                        ^f 
Create a monster                                ^g  
Identify all inventory items                    ^i  
Reveal location of all special levels           ^o  
Controlled teleport                             ^t  
Controlled level-teleport                       ^v  
Wish for anything                               ^w  
View character description and attributes       ^x 

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