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Myst (Walkthrough)


Pick up the note in front of the planetarium. As
you explore the island, you'll find that there
are 8 marker switches in total: Pier - Giant
gears - Planetarium - Spaceship - Mall with small
pool and pillars - Brick building - Wooden shack
- Clock tower Turn each marker switch on (up) as
you get to it.

In pier, there is an entrance to an underground
room. Go to the projector, and turn it off by
pressing the big button at the bottom. Turn
around. You'll notice a piece of paper on the
wall to the left. Press the green button on the
upper left corner, which will reveal a hidden
control panel. Enter the number of switches 8,
and press the button to close the panel. Turn
back to the projector, push the button, and
watch the man's message to Catherine.

In library, each wall contains interesting items.
Give the blue and red pages to the corresponding
books. Each brother wants more pages. Read the 4
legible books in the book-case. You can ignore
the book with the wierd squares in it, you'll
deal with it later. Jot down any interesting
diagrams from the others on your notebook. 

Look at the map next to the entrance. Each marker
switches in the island lights one specific group of
buildings in the map. Grab the tower and rotate it
until it flashes red, then stop. There are 4 "red"
positions, each one of them corresponding to where
one of the 4 available link books is hidden (ship,
giant tree, gears, spaceship). The paintings next
to the book-case open and close the secret passage
behind it. Go to the elevator, close the door, and
press button to go into the tower. If you rotated
the tower correctly, the ladder with the "book" on
it should show you where the book is hidden, while
the ladder with the "key" should lead to
the clue to the puzzle that lets you get the book.
Ship: Go to the planetarium, turn the lights off
(switch is next to the door), sit down, and click
on the control panel. Set each of the dates from
the clue (Oct 11, 1984 10:04am, Jan 17, 1207 5:46am,
and Nov 23, 9791 6:57pm), and map the constellation
shown to one of the constellations in the Stoneship
book. Go to the pillars at the mall, and click on
appropiate symbols (leaf, snake, and bug). The book
is in the now resurfaced ship.

Tree: Go to the wooden house, and enter combination
for the safe next to the door (7,2,4). Open safe,
get the match, and light it with the matchbox. Turn
around and light the pilot light below the boiler.
Turn the gas wheel all the way up (green icon).
Wait until thumping sound stops, then turn the
wheel all the way down (red icon), and QUICKLY get
out of the house and into the tree to the right of
it (see library map for location) before the
"elevator" in the tree goes underground. If you
can't do it quickly, don't turn the gas quite all
the way off. The book is down beneath the tree. If
 you went up in the elevator, press the white
button to your left. That releases the steam and
drops the tree down to the underground level.
Gears: Go to the clockhouse, enter 2:40 into the
clock using the wheels, then press the button. Go
into the clock, and use the levers to set the
wheels to 2,2,1. HOLD either front lever down to
rotate the middle wheel only. Click on the vertical
lever to your right to reset the puzzle. The book
is in the gears close to the pier.
Spaceship: Go to the brick building, set generators
to send exactly 59 volts out (buttons 1,2,3,6,7,8 &
10 should do nicely. The numbering order is on the
wall as you leave the control room. In order to
figure out which button has which voltage, just hit
them one at a time). If you go over 59 volts, you
will blow a fuse. There are two electric towers to
climb, one next to the brick building, one clearly
visible close to the spaceship, click down the
breaker switches. Then enter spaceship. Play the
notes from the Selenitic Age book in the organ, and
set the same notes in the controls of the ship. If
you're tone deaf, just count number of notes from
the bottom. (8, 20, 23, 13, and 6, respectively,
including the bottom as one). Press the button and
the book will appear before you. 


Go to the other half of the ship, up the stairs and
look through the telescope. Find where the lighthouse
is. (135 degrees) 

Go to the umbrella and push the rightmost button to
drain the lighthouse. Go to the basement and drain
the chest by opening and closing the valve at the
bottom. Go back to the umbrella and let the
lighthouse fill up again. Unlock the now floating
chest, get the key, and open the lighthouse. Crank
up the generator and power the battery. Note that
the battery is slightly discharging, so move
quickly! (If the lights go out, go to the
generator and crank it up some more.)

Go to the umbrella, press middle button to drain
the rock & go inside. Go all the way down the tunnel,
find the page for either of the brothers, and explore
a bit. You should find half of an important note in
the map drawer in Achenar's room (that's the messy
room). The entire note is given below.

Go back to the red-lined "panel" in one of the walls.
Inside, you'll find a compass rose, just like in the
Stoneship book. Push the "SE" button (the clue is 135
degrees, found with the telescope). This will turn on
the submersible's lights.

Drain the ship with the leftmost button and go in.
Click on the desk in the lower level, and the book
leading back to Myst will pop up.


Find the 5 microphones (Water, Fire(thunder), Clock,
Crystal (flute), Wind), and turn each on. You'll
also find the red and blue pages at the "Crystal"
and "Water" microphones, respectively.

Go to the microwave tower through the Wind tunnel,
and aim each of the 5 dishes in the right direction
(use sounds, icons, and places as a guide. The
coordinate numbers are: Water:153.4, Fire: 130.3,
Clock: 55.6, Crystal: 15.0, and Wind: 212.2). Push
the sigma button. This will give you the sound
sequence to open the door near the spaceship.
(Crystal, water, wind, fire, clock) Go in, get in
the underground craft and press forward. At each
station, listen for a sound which indicates
direction. If you miss it, press the button on the
speaker. The sounds are "plink" for
north, "Bloooop" for W, "Plonk" for S, and "Shhhh"
for E (these sound names are approximations, so
give us a break) Combinations of these sounds
indicate NE, etc.

The sequence of directions to get to the Myst book
is: N,W,N,E,E,S,S,W,SW,W,NW,NE,N,SE. Go find the book.


Pages for the brothers are in secret rooms from their
chambers. Explore next to the throne in each room.

Go to the "tube", and press the button in the hallway.
The floor will reveal a lower room. Go down there,
and rotate the tube until the red icon shows. Careful
not to let the tube rotate past the red icon!

Go out, and you'll see that the tube held an elevator.
Press the wall button again to close the floor, enter
the elevator. Press the up button, then press middle
button and exit the lift before it goes down. The
building rotation controls are above the elevator.

Enter rotation controls and rotate the tower to the
other 2 islands. They have the symbols for the control
next to where you entered the Age. (symbols below) Use
the simulator in Achenar's room to practice rotating
the tower. The method we used was: Put the left lever
up one notch. Hold the right lever all the way up for
about 7 seconds. Let go of the right lever, then
quickly put the left lever back down. Practice on the
simulator until you get the timing right, because you
won't be able to see the orientation of the tower,
just some motion in the gears. Once the tower stops,
it'll make a sound for each of the four compass
directions, the same sounds as for the selenetic age.

The control panel next to where you entered opens the
room where the Myst link book is. The symbols are: 1)
an O with the bottom cut out. 2) point down triangle,
rectangle, point up triangle. 3) circle over three
triangles 4) left half circle, filled in. (These are
easier to spot than it sounds.)


Go to the windmill and turn the water on with the
faucet on the floor. The pulldown lever is a red
herring. Go back down and use the "switches" in
the pipeline to control the water flow to the
first elevator. (Not the one next to the staircase)
Climb in, close the door, and use the lever to go up.

Up there, find controls to open/close the staircase.
Go to the staircase, climb down, open the door, and
use the pipeline switches to send water to the
generator next to it. Climb back up the stairs, and
use the elevator there.

Find the rooms for both brothers (and Achenar's
temple), their pages are there. In Sirrus' room
(the nice room), find the other half of the note
in Stoneship Age.

Use the switches to turn on the lonely-looking
generator close to where you entered the world. Turn
it on, and watch the catwalk appear from the waters.
Walk to the other side, down the other walkway, and
find the crank to extend the pipeline back to the
main line. Use the switches to turn on the elevator
there, and climb up to find the Myst book.

(If you're having some trouble figuring out where the
water is going in the pipelines, listen as you walk
past them. If you can't hear the noise of water, this
section of the pipeline has no water. Also, you could
just trace the water from the windmill, checking
every Y junction as you pass.)


When you return four pages to either brother, he'll
give you the same info: go to the library, pick the
right-end book in the center shelf, and look up
diagram 158. Go to the chimney, press the button,
enter the diagram below on the plate, press the
button again. You'll see the green book (the Dunny
Age), the blue page, and the red page. 

Diagram 158 (click where there are Xes):


There are 4 endings: 

- give the last blue page
- give the last red page
- go to Dunny without the #DCDC00 page 
- go to Dunny with the #DCDC00 page

The #DCDC00 page is in the vault. To get to the vault,
follow the directions in the two halves of the note
(""|"" is the note break, the first half is in
Stoneship, the second half is in Channelwood) 

      Marker Switch | Vault Access 
             Island | of Myst
   The vault is loc | ated in very plain view on
    the island of M | yst and access can be 
      achieved very | easily if the simple 
 instructions are f | ollowed. First locate
 each of the marker | switches on the island.
  Turn every one of | these switches to the 
  "on" position. Th | en go to the dock, and,
as a final step, tu | rn the marker switch
        there to th | e "off" position.

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