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Metaltech: Earthsiege 2

Cheat mode:

Start the game with the case-sensitive -SPRUNKKNOWN command line parameter
to enable cheat mode. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate
the corresponding cheat function. Note: Using cheat mode may cause the
game to crash.

Effect                                           Code 

Play cockpit announcements and warnings          [Alt] + < or > 
Send Herc twelve meters in that direction        [Alt] + [Up] or [Down] 
Faces Herc in that direction                     [Alt] + [Left] or [Right]  
Nukes enemy (except bases)                       [Alt] + [Ctrl] + N  
View several Herc textures                       [Alt] + [Ctrl] + S  
Select combat viewpoint1                         [Ctrl] + N  
Toggle AI                                        [Alt] + S  
Advance one frame forward when AI disabled       [Alt] + [Keypad Plus] 

* Press [Alt] + N to switch between combatant and structure views. Press
  [Esc] to return to normal view. 

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