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Hidden message:

Note: This trick requires a graphics accelerator card. Place your car 
on the roof to the left of the Atlantika station to see a message from 
the development team and some hidden objects. 

Cheat mode:

Enter the options screen and enter the indicated name and racing team 
to activate the corresponding cheat function. 

Effect                  Name                Team  

All cars and tracks     r peterson          Swe 
Overhead view           Supercars           Grem 
Bouncing cars           Demon               Grem 
L.A. type suspension    g-ride              west 
Low gravity             Buzz Aldrin         NASA 
Ignition mode           Ignition            UDS 
Avenger mode*           Avenger             Zx 
Water mode**            Ramlosa             H20 
Hell mode**             Lemmy               Ace 
TRON mode***            Tribute To Tron   

*    Only available with a graphics accelerator card. Replaces map with 
     Avenger sprite from the classic Sinclair ZX-Spectrum game.
**   Only available with a graphics accelerator card. 
***  Only available with a Glide 3D card. 

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