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Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

Cheat mode:
Press ~ during game play to display the console window. 
Type player-> followed by one of the following codes to 
activate the corresponding cheat function. For example, 
type player->togglegodmode to toggle god mode.

Effect                                      Code 
Flight mode                                 setflying 1  
Super jumps                                 setsuperjump 1  
Walk on water                               setwaterwalking 1  
Breathe underwater                          setwaterbreathing 1  
Set player level                            setlevel   
Set maximum fatigue value                   setfatigue   
Set maximum magic value                     setmagicka   
Set player health                           sethealth   
Set abilities and skills                    set   
Set endurance skill                         setendurance   
Set agility skill                           setagility   
Set will power skill                        setwillpower   
Set intelligence skill                      setintelligence   
Set strength skill                          setstrength   
Add indicated amount of gold                additem gold_100   
Spawn indicated item                        additem    
Place character in the named cell           centeroncell  or coc   
Place character in debug room               coc "ken's test hole"  
Place character in debug room               coc "toddtest"  
Place character in the exterior cell grid   centeronexterior  or coe   
Create map image file for Xbox              createmaps <"filename.esp">  
Add all entries to journal                  filljournal 
Show all the towns on world map             fillmap  
Jump 128 units away from current location   fixme 
Get faction reaction                        getfactionreaction   
Show shorthand for most commands            help  
Set speed                                   setspeed   
Show variables                              showvars or sv  
Stop cell test                              stopcelltest or sct  
Test cells                                  testcells or tc  
Test interior cells                         testinteriorcells or tic  
Test models                                 testmodels or t3d  
Toggle AI                                   toggleai or ta  
Toggle borders                              toggleborders or tb  
Toggle combat statistics                    togglecombatstats or tcs  
Toggle collisions                           togglecollision or tcl  
Toggle collision boxes                      togglecollisionboxes or tcb  
Toggle collision grid                       togglecollisiongrid or tcg  
Toggle debug text                           toggledebugtext or tdt  
Toggle dialogue statistics                  toggledialoguestats or tds  
Toggle fog of war                           togglefogofwar or tfow  
Show ownership and script name              togglefullhelp or tfh  
Toggle God mode                             togglegodmode or tgm  
Toggle grid                                 togglegrid or tg  
Toggle kill statistics                      togglekillstats or tks  
Toggle load fade                            toggleloadfade  
Toggle magic statistics                     togglemagicstats or tms  
Toggle menus                                togglemenus or tm  
Toggle scripts                              togglescripts  
Toggle stats                                togglestats or tst  
Toggle sky                                  togglesky or ts  
Toggle texture string                       toggletexturestring or tts  
Toggle world                                toggleworld or tw  
Toggle wireframe                            togglewireframe or twf  
Toggle path grid display                    tpg  
Add indicated spell                         addspell   
Show selected actor's group members         sg  
Show selected actor's target group members  st 
Show scene graph                            showscenegraph or ssg  
Move one to one                             moto  
Toggle water                                twa 
Toggle vanity mode                          tvm  
Toggle script output                        tso  
Toggle load fade                            tlf  
Toggle AI                                   tai 
Output reference information                ori  
Toggle lights                               tl 
Show variables                              sv 
Show animation                              sa 
Reset actors                                ra 
Purge textures                              pt  
Join indicated faction                      pcjoinfaction   
Remove bounty on your head                  payfinethief  
Remove bounty                               setpccrimelevel 0  
Set mercantile skill                        setmercantile   
Set sneak skill                             setsneak   
Set acrobatics skill                        setacrobatics   
Set light armor skill                       setlightarmor   
Set medium armor skill                      setmediumarmor   
Set short blade skill                       setshortblade   
Set alchemy skill                           setalchemy   
Set alternation skill                       setalteration   
Set armor bonus                             setarmorbonus   
Set armorer skill                           setarmorer   
Set athletics skill                         setathletics   
Set attack bonus                            setattackbonus   
Set axe skill                               setaxe   
Set blocking skill                          setblock   
Set blunt weapon skill                      setbluntweapon   
Set chameleon skill                         setchameleon   
Set conjuration skill                       setconjuration   
Set defense bonus                           setdefendbonus   
Set destruction skill                       setdestruction   
Set enchant skill                           setenchant   
Set fatigue                                 setfatigue   
Set hand to hand skill                      sethandtohand   
Set heavy armor skill                       setheavyarmor   
Set illusion skill                          setillusion   
Set long blade skill                        setlongblade   
Set luck skill                              setluck   
Set magicka level                           setmagicka   
Set marksman skill                          setmarksman   
Set mysticism skill                         setmysticism   
Set reputation                              setreputation   
Set resist blight skill                     setresistblight   
Set resist corprus skill                    setresistcorprus   
Set resist disease skill                    setresistdisease   
Set resist fire skill                       setresistfire   
Set resist frost skill                      setresistfrost   
Set resist magicka skill                    setresistmagicka   
Set resist normal weapons skill             setresistnormalweapons   
Set resist paralysis skill                  setresistparalysis   
Set resist poison skill                     setresistpoison   
Set resist shock skill                      setresistshock   
Set restoration skill                       setrestoration   
Set security skill                          setsecurity   
Set spear skill                             setspear   
Set speechcraft skill                       setspeechcraft  
Set unarmored skill                         setunarmored   
Set your personality level                  setpersonality  

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