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Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail

Visit any location:
Type "uranus" at the options screen with the "Get The Grail", "See The
Film", and "Register" selections. All right arrows will be turned on,
and any location on the map may be visited. 

Nude witch:
Type "noleaf" in witch village and Loimbard. 

View FMV sequences:
Type "allclips" in the Book of the Game. Open the "Grail Vision" page
to view al FMV sequences. 

Hidden message:
Type "king brian scene" during game play for a reminder message about
the game's ending sequence. 

Hidden mini-game:
Type "lobstergirl" at the screen immediately after running away. 

Unlimited swallows:
Hold "C" and type "nee" during game play. 

Dancing llamas:
Hold "N" and type "llama mamma" during game play. 

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