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Monster Hunter

Cheat mode:
Enter one of the following codes at the castle selection screen. 

Effect                                          Code 
12 Impossibly Hard Castle                       jumparound  
12 Very Hard Castle                             skipstone  
12 Difficult Castle                             leapfrog  
22 Impossibly Hard Castle                       transporter  
22 Very Hard Castle                             livelarge  
22 Difficult Castle                             hopscotch  
30 Warlock's Difficult Castle                   killthewabbit  
32 Impossibly Hard Castle                       peoplemover  
32 Very Hard Castle                             polevault  
42 Impossibly Hard Castle                       speedracer  
42 Very Hard Castle                             booyah  
45 Grim Reaper's Very Hard Castle               reapershmeaper  
52 Impossibly Hard Castle                       penultimate  
60 Dracula's Impossibly Hard Castle             draculasucks  
Permanent access to all castles                 showmethemoney  
Enable start dead (one less life)               burger  
Disable info about monsters before each level   showinfo  
Disable frame-rate limiter                      actionjackson  

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