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Master of Magic

All Spells and Increased Mana:

 To learn all spells and increase  your mana, go to the  Magic  screen,
 hold ALT and type "pwr".  Note that the other  wizards  will gain this
 advantage as well. 

Put Spell Charges on Any Item for Free:

 When you cast the  CREATE  ARTIFACT  spell,, go to staff, select spell
 charges, then choose your spell of  choice  and its power. Afterwards,
 click on the spell charge  option  again to  delete  the spell charge.
 Then make a weapon as you normally  would, but don't add another spell
 charge.  When your item is created it will have whatever  enchantments
 you gave it plus the spell charge.

 With this trick you can have up to FIVE  enhancements on a weapon at a
 time!  The only  problem  is that your  hero  will  only use the spell
 charges when you hit the "AUTO" button in battle. 

Super Powerful Artifacts:

 When using the ENCHANT ITEM or  CREATE  ARTIFACT  spell you can make a
 super  powerful  artifact  by naming it, giving it the 4 enchants, and
 then before you click ok, click on a  5th  enchant.  It should say you
 may not have more than 4 enchants on an item. you will notice that the
 name of the artifact  has changed to what the  warning  said. "No more
 than four enchantments on an artifact".  Don't fix the name, and click
 ok. When the  artifact  is done you will have a super artifact.  Note:
 you should only make one of these  artifacts for each hero, or instead
 of giving  maxed out stats it will give 0 stats, taking away what they
 already had. 

View Map:

 In the Magic  screen, hold ALT and type "rvl" to see everything on the
 map. Be warned: the other wizards will see you as well.

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