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 Hit F1 (the help screen) before typing these in.
 Then hit ESC or Enter to get back  to the action.
 They can be used only once per level. For some reason,
 these codes  don't work for everyone. This is probably
 due to the many different patches and  versions of MDK
 floating around. Below is what Shiny put in their MDK
 cheat codes section.

 Codes for ALL of the Patches:

 ineedabiggun      -->   Super Chain Gun powerup
 holokurtisfun     -->   Dummy powerup
 nastyshotthanks   -->   Homing sniper grenade
 tornadoaway       -->   Twister powerup
 iliketolob        -->   Mortar powerup
 kill              -->   suicide! 
 486ok             -->   Allow 486 machines to run

 For Un-patched final North American executable:

 makemefull      -->   Health
 masterblaster   -->   Gatt powerup
 twistandshout   -->   Twister powerup
 biggrenade      -->   Homing sniper grenade
 486willbeslow   -->   Allow 486 machines to run

 For European Version
(Should work for No Blood German versions as well):

 healme          -->   Health
 ineedabiggun    -->   Gatt powerup
 tornadoaway     -->   Twister powerup
 holokurtisfun   -->   Dummy powerup
 486okbyme       -->   Allow 486 machines to run

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