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Max Payne 2: The Fall Of Max Payne

Cheat mode:
Start the game with -developer command line parameter. Press ~ 
during game play to display the console window. Enter one of the 
following codes at the console window to activate the corresponding 
cheat function.

Effect                                  Code 
Clear console window                    clear or clr  
God mode, all weapons, health, 
unlimited ammo                          coder 
Enable God mode                         god  
Disable God mode                        mortal  
Bullettime                              getbullettime  
Quit game                               quit 
View framerate                          showfps  
View extended framerate                 showextendedfps  
1000 health                             gethealth  
1000 Painkillers                        getpainkillers  
Beretta with 1000 ammo                  getberetta  
Colt Commando with 1000 ammo            getcoltcommando  
Desert Eagle with 1000 ammo             getdeserteagle  
Dragunov with 1000 ammo                 getdragunov  
Ingram with 1000 ammo                   getingram  
Kalashnikov with 1000 ammo              getkalashnikov  
Molotov cocktail with 1000 ammo         getmolotov  
MP5 with 1000 ammo                      getmp5  
Pump shotgun with 1000 ammo             getpumpshotgun  
Sawed-off shotgun with 1000 ammo        getsawedshotgun  
Sniper riflewith 1000 ammo              getsniper  
Striker gun with 1000 ammo              getstriker  
All weapons                             getallweapons  
Unlock story line part 1                getgraphicsnovelpart1  
Unlock story line part 2                getgraphicsnovelpart2  
Unlock story line part 3                getgraphicsnovelpart3  
Jump 10 high                            jump10  
Jump 20 high                            jump20  
Jump 30 high                            jump30  
Enable HUD                              showhud  
Show all console commands               help  

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