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Cheat mode:

Press ~ to display the console, type one of the following codes, then
press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect                                                Code 

Press P to display coordinates                        bind p positions  
Moves to selected coordinates                         a_moveme   
List available maps                                   dir maps  
Start a map                                           map   
Toggles fly mode; Press [Jump] to fly                 fly 
Kill all creatures on level                           ode to jack  
God mode                                              impulse 11  
View end sequence                                     bigfinale  
No clipping                                           noclip  
Large magic attack                                    impulse 10  
Display "Technically, this is an easter egg."         impulse 42 
Instant death (1 of 5)                                impulse 43  
Instant death (2 of 5)                                impulse 69  

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