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London Racer: Destruction Madness

Cheat mode:
Press "F1" during game play to display the console window. Enter one
of the following codes at the console window, then press "F1" to
close the console window and activate the corresponding cheat
function. Press "Up" or "Down" at the console window to cycle up and
down through the console history. 

Effect                                      Code 
Close console display                       close  
List all console commands                   help  
Activate debug commands                     debug  
Display contents of indicated
ASCII file                                  list <filename>
Car fully repaired                          please_repair  
Instant kill enemy cars                     please_instantkill  
Invincibility                               please_invulnerability  
Show current grip rating                    please_grip  
Set grip                                    please_grip <-128 to 5> 
Show current power rating                   please_power  
Set power                                   please_power <-128 to 5>  
Show current defense rating                 please_defence  
Set defense                                 please_defence <-128 to 5>  
Show current attack rating                  please_attack  
Set attack                                  please_attack <-128 to 5>  
All tracks, cars, events in quick
race mode; all cars in career mode          please_unlockeverything 
Show current race                           please_level  
Jump to indicated race                      please_level <0-95>  
Advance to next career mode race            please_leveljump  
Skip indicated number of races, can
be negative                                 please_leveljump <number>  
Shoot power-ups from back of car            please_shit  
Toggle AI                                   please_freezeai <0 or 1> 
Lose current event                          please_lose  
Win current event                           please_win 

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