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Line of Sight: Vietnam

Cheat mode:
Press "L" during game play to display the chat window. Type
"/cheatcheat" and press "Enter" to enable cheat mode. Then, enter one
of the following codes at the console window and press "Enter" to
activate the corresponding cheat function. 

Effect                                              Code 
God mode, unlimited ammunition, and flight mode     /ac 
Toggle God mode                                     /godmode  
Toggle invisibility                                 /invis  
Toggle flight mode                                  /fly  
Toggle unlimited ammunition                         /ammo  
Toggle enemy field of view                          /fovs  
Win current mission                                 /winmission  
Lose current mission                                /losemission  
Toggle Hitler mode                                  /hitlermode  
Toggle astar path rendering                         /astar  
Toggle arrival point rendering                      /arrival  
Remove the HUD                                      /noint  
Exit game                                           /give 

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