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Legacy of Kain: Defiance

Cheat mode:
Enter the control option screen and set the game's control to
"Keyboard". Then, enter one of the following sequence of key commands
at the indicated screen to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect                      Screen          Code  
No texture                  Pause menu      Autoface, Down, TK Aim, 
                                            Right, TK Aim, Up, Lift
                                            Attack, Autoface, Down  
Wireframe mode              Pause menu      Autoface, Down, Autoface,
                                            Up, Feed, Autoface, Down,
                                            Lift Attack  
Invincibility               Pause menu      Up, Down, Right, Down,
                                            Feed, TK Aim, Down, Lift
                                            Attack, Autoface  
Unlimited Reaver charge     Pause menu      Down, Down, Up, Left, Feed,
                                            TK Aim, Down, Lift Attack,
All combo moves             Pause menu      Right, Down, Up, Down, Down,
                                            Feed, Lift Attack, Telekinesis,
Full health and TK meter    Pause menu      Left, Left, Up, Up, Autoface,
                                            TK Aim, Telekinesis, Down,
                                            Lift Attack  
Full health, TK, and
Reaver meters               Pause menu      Left, Right, Left, Right, 
                                            Feed, Autoface, Telekinesis,
                                            Lift Attack, Down  
Cardboard tube Reaver       Pause menu      Up, Down, Left, Right, TK Aim,
                                            Lift Attack, Down, Telekinesis  
All bonus materials         Main menu       Down, Telekinesis, Up, Left,
                                            Right, Right, Lift Attack,
                                            Down, Right, Right  
All Dark Chronicles         Main menu       Feed, Down, TK Aim, Autoface,
                                            Right, TK Aim, Lift Attack,
                                            Down, Autoface  
Vehiculum Furtus Maximo
Kain and Toon Raziel        Pause menu      Up, Down, Up, Down, Feed,
                                            TK Aim, Down, Telekinesis,
                                            Lift Attack  

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