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Last Rites

Level select:

Load the game with the LR /skip command line
parameter. Game play will begin at the corresponding level with the
corresponding weapons. 

Replace level 1:

Load the game with the LR /lev levels\miss command line
parameter. The corresponding level will appear, with the default weapon
and health, in place of level 1 when game play starts. The following
values should be entered to start at the corresponding mission.

Level      Command line parameter  

1          /lev levels\miss01  
2          /lev levels\miss07  
3          /lev levels\miss04  
4          /lev levels\miss05  
5          /lev levels\miss06  
6          /lev levels\miss08  
7          /lev levels\miss09  
8          /lev levels\miss10  
9          /lev levels\miss11  
10         /lev levels\miss12  
11         /lev levels\miss13  

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