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King's Quest 3: To Heir is Human

View version number:
Press "Alt + V" during game play.

Debug mode:
Press "Alt + D" during game play to enable debug mode. The version
number and location coordinates will be displayed. The following
codes can now be entered to activate the corresponding cheat

Effect                                  Code
Assign new value to variable            set var <value>
Change current coordinates              position <x, y>
Eliminate the wizard                    bye bye wizard
Force the wizard to go to sleep         sleep wizard
Obtain several game items               gimme gimme
Select object to obtain                 get object <code number>
Reset indicated flag                    reset flag <name>
Set indicated flag                      set flag <name>
Show indicated flag                     show flag <name>
Show indicated variable                 show var <name>
Show wizard status                      wizard status
Teleport                                tp <code number>

Object code numbers:
Object                                  Code
Amber Stone                             14
Bowl                                    40
Brass Key                               38
Bread                                   49
Cactus                                  34
Cat Cookie                              23
Cat Hair                                2
Chicken Feather                         1
Cup and Ocean Water                     26
Dog Hair                                3
Dough in Ears                           8
Eagle Feather                           9
Empty Cup                               42
Empty Jar                               29
Empty Lard Jar                          35
Empty Pouch                             19
Empty Purse                             47
Fish Bone Powder                        5
Fish Oil                                22
Fly Wings                               10
Fruit                                   50
Invisibility Ointment                   36
Knife                                   33
Lard                                    32
Magic Map                               54
Magic Rose Essence                      39
Magic Stone                             16
Magic Wand                              37
Mandrake Root                           21
Mirror                                  43
Mistletoe                               15
Mutton                                  51
Nightshade Juice                        17
Poisened Porridge                       25
Porridge                                24
Purse and Gold Coins                    48
Rose Essence                            12
Saffron                                 11
Salt                                    13
Shovel                                  52
Sleep Powder                            20
Snakeskin                               4
Spoon                                   41
Spoonful of Mud                         27
Storm Brew                              30
Thimble                                 6
Thimble & Dew                           7
Three Acorns                            18
Toad Spittle                            31
Toadstool Powder                        28
Treasure Chest                          53

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