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Joint Strike Fighter

Fly other aircraft:

Press [Left Ctrl] + [Right Ctrl] + [Enter] at the pilot selection
screen. Note: There are no cockpit graphics for the other aircraft. 

Screen shots:

Create a sub-directory named "grab" inside the game directory. Press
[Left Ctrl] + [Right Ctrl] + S during game play to save the current
screen as "scr000x.raw" in the "grab" directory. Note: A graphics
utility program must be used to convert this raw image file into a
viewable picture. 

Cheat mode:

Enter one of the following codes during game play to activate the
corresponding cheat function.

Effect                   Code 

Mach 10000 speed         [Ctrl] + T + U  
Instant victory          [Ctrl] + C + O or [Ctrl] + S + O  
Instant loss             [Ctrl] + G + O  
Allow cheats in
campaign mode            [Ctrl] + W + O  
Homing bullets           [Ctrl] + G + U  
Tinted smoke trails      [Ctrl] + S  

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