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Inner Space

Cheat mode:

Press [Delete] followed by one of the following keys to activate the
corresponding cheat function.

Effect                  Code 

Power up guns           [F3] 
Inner demon             [F4] 
Send in enforcer
to wave                 [F5] 
Send in enforcer to
wave to arrest you      [F6] 
All 3 noble weapons
in main ship            [F7] 
Invincibility           [F8] 
No new defenders
in wave                 [F9] 
Automatically win
race                    1 
Exit Dodge City         2 
Bring a knight to
wave                    3 
Bring a pirate to
wave                    4 
View ending sequence*   5 
Increase main ship
fuel                    6 
Add wildcard weapon
to all ships**          7 
Add one credit to
main ship**             8 
Power up thrusters      9 

*  Enable this code in Demon's Gate.
** Requires v1.09.13 or newer. 

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