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In Search of Dr. Riptide

Cheat mode:
Press "Esc" during game play and select the password option.
Enter "LETSRIP!" As a password. The phrase "Cheat Mode Is On"
will appear to confirm correct code entry. Press one of the
following keys to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect              Key 
More air            A 
More shields        S 
Jason probe         J 
Jason fire          H 
Rapid fire          R 
Full fire           F 
Fire upwards        U 
God mode            G 

Episode     Level Name              Password  
1           Micro Menace            UR2GD 
1           Tulip Tango             URGR8 
1           Red Tide                4GOOD 
1           Fathom's of teeth       2MUCH4U 
1           Think Tank              ACE 
1           Oscars Lair             BS1 
1           Outpost Enigma          SEC1 
2           Atlantis                DNUNDR 
2           Aqua Tremendom          OUT2GTU 
2           Spawning Waters         AIC 
2           JASONS Quest            HANG10 
2           Frantic Attack          RUN4IT 
2           Enter Otis              BS2 
2           Not Sure                SEC2 
3           Sea Escape              GETIT 
3           Deep Enigma             URINDE 
3           Sink or Swim            SOS 
3           Marathon                RUN2ME 
3           Lab Rynth               512TR 
3           Abyss of Pearl          2B4UDY 
3           Halls of Hell           HOH 
3           Mysterious Maze         RIP 
3           Confrontation           BS3 

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