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Cheat mode:
Hold "Shift" and type one of the following codes to activate
the corresponding cheat function.

Effect                              Code 
Wire frame graphics                 wirewewaiting  
Point graphics                      whatsthepoint  
Disable shading                     flatbroke  
Solid shading                       solidasarock  
Gouraud shading                     gouraud  
Invincibility                       invunerability  
Protect farm from jumping cows      oldmacdonald  
Racing in the moon                  flymetothemoon  
All cheats active                   haveall  
Cows selectable as ships in
arcade and multi-player modes       superdaisy 
One shot kills                      easyshoot  
Unlimited smart bombs               supershoot  
Unlimited lives                     infinitelives  
Unlimited weapons                   infiniteweapons  
Extra tanks                         tanksalot  
Low gravity                         catwalk  
High gravity                        fatwalk  
Normal gravity                      iweighnormal  
Toggle textures                     masteroftheuniverse  
Enable in-game cheat keys           cheatkey 

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