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The Hulk

Cheat mode: 
Select the "Code Input" selection at the 
options screen. Enter one of the following 
codes, then select the "Special Features" 
option, then "Cheats" to toggle it on or off. 

Effect                          Code 
Invulnerability                 GMMSKIN  
Regenerator                     FLSHWND  
Full rage meter                 ANGMNGT  
Unlimited continues             GRNCHTR  
Double Hulk's                   HP HLTHDSE  
Double all enemies              HP BRNGITN  
Half all enemies                HP MMMYHLP  
Wicked punch                    FSTOFRY  
Puzzle solved                   BRCESTN  
Reset high score                NMBTHIH  
Unlock all levels               TRUBLVR  

Find a terminal during game play, then enter 
one of the following codes to activate the 
corresponding cheat function. 

Effect                          Code 
Hulk Transformed movie art      SANFRAN  
Hulk vs. Hulk Dogs movie art    PITBULL  
Desert Battle movie art         FIFTEEN  
Hulk Movie F/X movie art        NANOMED  
Play as Gray Hulk               JANITOR  

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