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Hooligans: Storm Over Europe

Cheat mode:
Hold "Ctrl" and enter one of the following codes during game play.

Effect                                  Code 
450,000                                broodjekroket  
Guns and bombs                          shaslick  
Lose                                    boerenkoolmetworst  
Win                                     stamppot  
More hooligans                          frikandel  
More of all units                       frietjewaterfiets  
Dope                                    mexicanosate  
Suicide                                 vlammetjes  
Pass out                                kipkorn  
Heal selected units                     bereklauw  
Teleport                                kaassoufle  
Play as other team                      frietspeciaal  
Play as police                          frietjeoorlogmetuitjes  
Disable "frietspeciaal" and 
"frietjeoorlogmetuitjes" codes          patatmet  
Lose less health                        hamburger  

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