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Heroes of Might and Magic III

During game play, press tab and type:

Code                        Effect

nwcavertingoureyes          35 arch angels 
nwconlyamodel               builds all buildings 
nwcfleshwound               70 deathknights
nwctrojanrabbit             instant win
nwcgotbetter                up one level
nwcantioch                  tent, balista, and ammo
nwccoconuts                 unlimited move points
nwccastleanthrax            highest luck
nwcmuchrejoycing            top morale
nwcalreadygotone            reveals secret map
nwcgeneraldirection         reveals all of map
nwcshrubbery                all sources increased
nwctim                      all magic and 999 spell points

Cheats Provided By: Wesly

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