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Heroes of Might and Magic II

 Press Ctrl-F1 on the main screen to bring up a box in which you
 enter the following cheat codes.  You'll hear  a  ding sound if
 you've entered the cheat code correctly. 
 NOTE: these cheat codes are case-sensitive. 

Actions:          Results:

 1911        -->   warps you to the final level
 8675309     -->   makes the entire map visible
 32167       -->   gives a hero five black dragons, if not in  a
                   town and if a slot is available
 911         -->   wins the current campaign scenario (Note: you
                   will be labeled "cheater"  in the high scores
 123456789   -->   Give Heroes More Luck

 Select  one  of  your heroes and while still on  the map screen,
 press 32167 and recieve  5 BLACK DRAGONS for that hero!  Do this
 for as many heroes as you like!

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