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Hidden and Dangerous: Devil's Bridge

Cheat mode:
Type "iamcheater" or "iwillcheat" at any opening screen or menu.
A clicking sound will confirm correct code entry. Then, enter
one of the following codes during game play or at any menu screen.

Effect                              Code 
All items                           allitems  
All weapons and ammunition          allloot  
Alternate uniforms, including
dressing as Lara Croft              laracroft 
Big head mode                       funnyhead  
Current mission ends in
failure                             gamefail  
Current mission ends
successfully                        gamedone or missionover  
Enemy view from the back            enemyb  
Enemy view from the front           enemyf  
Kill all opponents                  killthemall  
Load saved game                     quickload  
Open all doors                      openalldoor  
Restore health                      goodhealth  
Revive fallen companion, except
after drowning                      resurrect 
Restore censored version
to full                             bluestars  
Show coordinates in top
left corner                         playercoords  
Toggle invincibility                cantdie or nohits  
View ending sequence                showtheend  
Wire frame mode                     debugdrawwire or debugdrawvolumes 

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