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Heli-Attack 3

Cheat mode:
Go to "Players", and then "Cheats". Enter one of the following codes
to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect                  Code 
Programmer message      iopred  
Programmer message      DayDream  
All weapons             up up down down left right left
                        right b a select start  
Bow and arrow           John Rambo  
Chain gun               Old Faithful  
Sniper rifle            Its a Jackal  
Double shotgun          This is my boomstick  
Flak Cannon             Shrapnel  
Guided launcher         Follow the leader  
Drunken launcher        Moonshine  
Goo gun                 Gloop 
Spark Plug              9 Volt  
Bladerang               Australians all let us rejoice  
Laser rifle             Alpha  
Auto laser rifle        Beta  
Laser shotgun           Gamma  
Anytime                 I dont have time to bleed  
Airstrike               Call in artillery  
Level select            You are the moon master  
A-Bomb Launcher         Missile launch detected  
Soundwaave              Bass in your face  
Black Hole Generator    Wash away the rain  
Amazon Jungle           Ive got jungle fever, shes got
                        jungle fever  
Canyon Lands            Aint no mountain high enough  
Zones 4 and 5           Who rides the wrecking ball 

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