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Happyland Xmas Edition

Cheat mode:
Enter one of the following passwords, then press "Enter" to
activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect                                      Code 
No enemies                                  haxegohomebaddie  
God mode                                    haxe-canttouchme  
Level exits are open                        haxe-opensesame  
No timer                                    haxe-splitseconds  
Happy Landers capacity increased to 10      haxe-fullcapacity 
Disable active codes                        haxe-reset  

Level                           Password 
Mighty Mountain 1               thiefofprinces  
Mighty Mountain 2               somethingfishy  
Mighty Mountain 3               dontturnaround  
Mighty Mountain 4               yourkingandqueen  
Wicked Village 1                maximilliandrake  
Wicked Village 2                wheresthedamncat  
Wicked Village 3                donteatyellowsnow  
Hurry Up (fast level)           forestofblackoaks  
Manic Mines 1                   canyouseethemoon  
Manic Mines 2                   herecomesyuletide  
Manic Mines 3                   whydoyoubuildmeup  
Manic Mines 4 (fast level)      themanatetwosocks  
Tops of Terror 1                carsareoftenbigger  
Tops of Terror 2                angrybearsaregreen  
Tops of Terror 3                sackfullofpotatoes 

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