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Cheat mode:
Display the talk console, then enter one of the following codes
to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect                                          Code 
Connect to indicated game number                /go <number>  
Display console commands                        /h  
Display function key commands                   /key  
Ignore indicated player                         /mute <name>  
Kicks indicated player from game                /kick <name>  
List ignored players                            /mutelist  
Restore all ignore players to normal            /loudall  
Restore ignored player to normal                /loud <name>  
Send private message to indicated player        /msg <name> <message>  
Send private message to indicated player        /m <name> <message> 
Football bullets (Host Only)                    /worldcup 
Pass key while in waiting room                  /pkey <name>  
Bar while in waiting room                       /bar <name>  

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