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 At the Mission computer (where you can select Game, Options, etc)
 just press ctrl+F1 . There You can enter one or more of the
 following codes. Sorry, but I didn't had the time to find out
 which code is for what. Nevertheless You have the ability to get
 invulnerable and refill your ammo pods. Remember that all the
 codes are case sensitive! Correct codes will be confirmed by a 

 Here are the codes:

Actions:                Results:

 Redtop Trod       -->   Select all single player missions from the
                         mission Menu.
 Chaste Coed       -->   View the end video sequences.
 Half Libel        -->   ???
 Had A Nude On     -->   ???
 Brass Clue        -->   ???
 Mother Mourn Us   -->   ???
 Rotted Drop       -->   ???
 Horny Elk Leer    -->   ???
 O'Sarge           -->   ???
 Swiss Throat      -->   ???
 A Mere Fart       -->   ???
 A Scramble On     -->   ??? 

 However, one of these codes enables the In-Game-Keys :

Actions:       Results:

 CTRL+I   -->   Activates Invinciblity
 CTRL+Z   -->   Refills ammo
 CTRL+F   -->   Destroy current target

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