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Galaxy Angel Sim Date RPG

Cheat mode:
Enter the following codes at the cheat menu to activate the corresponding
cheat function.

Effect                                              Code
Clone character                                     pointlessjackall
Girls become white rectangles                       klacidmadegraphix
Randpha character 0 stats                           randphroxmyjox
Ranpha with 2000 HP and all stats at 200            ranpharoxmyjox
20 of all items                                     igotabagofhair
Sexy Randpha                                        ieatsand
Sexy Milfeulle                                      locknload
Sexy Forte                                          eatrocksand
Sexy Mint                                           ihateporn
Sexy Vanilla                                        burntsugar
Pick characters names                               namethebitch
$25,000                                             thegreenback
Girls harder to fight; or play as clone of Mint     ihateyourmum
All fighting techniques                             slapmybitchup
Travel to EVA 4                                     enableeva4
All status 100 and 1000 HP                          ihavetehshit
Codes for all items in storage                      misccheater
Love Hina Returne mode                              hinagirlsreturn

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