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Force 21

Cheat mode:
Press "Enter" to display an entry prompt, type one of the following
codes, then press "Enter" again to activate the corresponding cheat

Effect                                          Code 
Alternate view                                  stratperspective  
Center camera on selected unit                  centermass  
Change blue ambient light                       ambb  
Change green ambient light                      ambg  
Change red ambient light                        ambr  
Control the camera's maximum height             maxheight  
Control the camera's maximum pitch              maxpitch  
Control the camera's minimum height             minheight  
Control the camera's minimum pitch              minpitch  
Damage first vehicle in present platoon         hurt 
Disable horizon                                 seattle  
Disable the victory check                       novictory  
Disables effects of commanders                  commanders  
Display current RGB ambient light values        amb 
Display frame rate                              fps  
Displays memory used by sound                   soundbytes  
Exit to windows                                 exit  
Farthest distance to draw fog                   farfog   
Farthest to draw objects/terrain                farclip   
Full radar                                      chessmatch  
Identify selected vehicle                       id  
Instant loss                                    hasselhoff  
Instant win                                     gameoverman  
Kill several enemy units                        killenemy  
List currently selected targets                 targetlist  
Lock vehicle in place                           chillout  
Mark all tanks with yellow triangles            neon  
Mark your buildings and tanks with 
yellow boxes                                    avatar 
Nearest distance to draw fog                    nearfog <number>
Nearest distance to draw objects/terrain        nearclip <number>
No textures on tactical map                     grid  
Polluted sky                                    london  
Remove trees                                    amazon  
Reveal enemy positions                          ispy  
Scale all models to x times original size       scalemodel <0-255>
Set acceleration speed                          scaleacceleration <0-255> 
Set the blue direction of light                 dirb <number>
Set the camera height                           cameraheight <number>  
Set the green direction of light                dirg <number> 
Set travel speed                                scalespeed <0-255>  
Set turning speed                               scaleturn <0-255>  
You and opponents are invincible                polytheism  

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