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Evil Islands

Cheat mode:
Press "~" to display the console window.  Type "thingamabob " and press
"Enter" to enable cheat mode. Then, enter one of the following console
codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. A message will
confirm correct code entry.

Effect                              Code 
List console codes help  
Invincible and no energy 
loss when running                   @godmode(0,1)  
Invincible, no energy loss when
running, kill anything with one
hit                                 @godmode(0,2) 
Disable God modes                   @godmode(0,0)  
Level select                        @leavetozone(0,"<level name>",0)  
Set strength level                  @givestrength(getunitofplayer(0,0),
Set dexterity level                 @givedexterity(getunitofplayer(0,0),
Set intelligence level              @giveintelligence(getunitofplayer(0,0),
Set melee weapon skill              @giveskill(getunitofplayer(0,0),"melee" 
Set ranged weapon skill             @giveskill(getunitofplayer(0,0),
                                    "archery" <number>)  
Set use/steal skill                 @giveskill(getunitofplayer(0,0),
                                    "science" <number>)  
Set elemental magic skill           @giveskill(getunitofplayer(0,0),
                                    "elemental" <number>)  
Set astral magic skill              @giveskill(getunitofplayer(0,0),
                                    "astral" <number>)  
Set sensory magic skill             @giveskill(getunitofplayer(0,0),
                                    "sense" <number>)  
Get indicated amount of money       give 0 money <amount>  
Get indicated amount of experience  give 0 exp <amount>  
Toggle frame rate display           fps 0 or 1  
All mission map objects in 
inventory                           lootall  
Quit game                           exit or quit  
Set console placement               console   
Kick player from your server 
and ban IP address                  ban 
Kick player from your server        kick  

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