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Cheat mode:
Press "~" to display the console window. Type "EtherRevelation" then
press "Enter" to enable cheat mode. Then, enter one of the following
codes at the console window in the indicated game mode to activate 
the corresponding cheat function.

Effect                              Mode        Code  
Remove fog of war                   Adventure   open_fog 
Restore fog of war                  Adventure   hide_fog 
Lose mission                        Adventure   lose 
Win mission                         Adventure   win 
Quick save                          Adventure   save 
Quick load                          Adventure   load 
Player information                  Adventure   player 
15 of all resources except ether    Adventure   give all 
Resource information                Adventure   view resources 
Lose battle                         Combat      lose  
Win battle                          Combat      win  
Reveal enemy hand                   Combat      view_hand 
Hide enemy hand                     Combat      hide_hand 
Swap you and enemy                  Combat      swap 
Information about your army         Combat      view army 
Information about your hand         Combat      view hand 
Information about combatant         Combat      view players 
List all spell and creature codes   Combat      view spells 
Instantly add indicated spell       Combat      add spell <spell code> 
Instantly add indicated creature 
to your army                        Combat      add creature <creature code>
Set hero's health                   Combat      change health <number>
Set hero's mana                     Combat      change mana <number> 
Set hero's mana links               Combat      change links <number> 
Set enemy hero's health             Combat      change enemy <number> 

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