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Empires: Dawn of the Modern World

Cheat mode:
Press "Enter", then type one of the following case-sensitive codes
to activate the corresponding cheat function. 

Effect                                          Code 
Full map, instant building, 100,000 
of all resources                                NOOB 
Refuel all aircraft                             PIT STOP  
Restore all units to full health                RED BONES  
Instant win                                     SHOCK AND AWE  
Instant loss                                    WEAK LIKE UKRAINE  
Full map                                        HOMELAND SECURITY  
100,000 of all resources                        DADDY'S CREDIT CARD  
Remove all of player's gold                     QA SALARY  
Remove all of player's food                     NO SOUP FOR YOU  
Remove all of player's stone                    BUSTED  
Remove all of player's wood                     COLD SHOWER  
Remove all of player's resources                COMMUNISM  
1000 gold                                       REPUBLICANS  
1000 food                                       CALL BOGGY  
1000 wood                                       BEAVER 
1000 stone                                      GET STONED  
Fast building                                   FASTBUILD  
Instant building                                KUNG FU  
Remove all resources from map                   BLUE FOLDER  

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