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Elite Warriors: Vietnam

Cheat mode:
Press "'" or ";" during game play to display the window. Type 
"/cheatcheat" to enable cheat mode. Then, enter one of the following
codes at the console window to activate the corresponding cheat

Effect                                      Code 
God mode, flight mode, unlimited ammo       /ac  
Render arrival points                       /arrival  
Unlimited ammunition                        /ammo  
Follow mode                                 /ec 
Render enemy FOVs                           /fovs  
Spawn indicated item                        /give <number>  
Flight mode                                 /fly 
God mode                                    /godmode 
Hitler mode                                 /hitlermode  
Invisibility                                /invis  
Lose mission                                /losemission  
Render patrol paths                         /pathdraw  
Change time of day                          /tod <1-5>  
Win mission                                 /winmission 

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