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Earthworm Jim

Actions:                Results:

 THREEMILEISLAND   -->   Full health
 ITSAWONDERFUL     -->   Extra life
 POPQUIZHOTSHOT    -->   1000 bullets
 ONANDONANDON      -->   Maximum continues
 SLAUGHTERHOUSE    -->   Access to first 5 levels
 IDDQD and IDKFA   -->   Show different credit screen
 HATMAN            -->   Turns Jim into a stick figure
 PULSATING         -->   Jim looks like Groucho
 BLOATED           -->   Jim w/ afro
 FESTERING         -->   Jim w/ red afro
 SWEATY            -->   Jim w/ big lips
 PUSFILLED         -->   Jim w/ antennae
 MALFORMED         -->   Jim w/ glasses
 SLUGFORABUTT      -->   Jim w/ arrow & weird face

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