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Cheat mode:
At the consoles, go to leftmost console, move the pointer to left
and right arrows, and use "Enter" to scroll letters around. When
you have the one you want, move the pointer to "Confirm" and
press "Enter". The letter should appear at the bottom left of
screen. When you have entered all the desired letters for the
code, move the pointer to "OK", and press "Enter" to activate the
corresponding cheat function. A sound will confirm correct code
entry. First, enter "CHEATON" as a code to enable cheat mode. Start
a new game, then press "F2" to display the console to enter one
of the following cheats.

Effect                                              Code
Normal clothing                                     DRUUNA0  
Nude                                                DRUUNA1 
Corset, fishnet stockings, and boots                DRUUNA2  
Lara Croft costume                                  DRUUNA3  
Wonder Woman costumet                               DRUUNA4  
Spider-Man costume                                  DRUUNA5  
Zeros stats to avoid maxing out of game             ZEROK 
Access all "memories"                               MEMOK  
All inventory items                                 OGGOK  
Pass levels AP0-AP9; Only works in levels AP0-AP9   A50OK 
Normal light in the dark level                      LUCEOK  
Level select                                        AP<0-9>  
All maps                                            ABRHAM21 

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