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Dragon Throne: Battle of Red Cliffs

Cheat mode:
Press "Enter", then type one of the following codes to activate 
the corresponding cheat function.

Effect                                                Code
All items                                             {ineedall}  
Animals                                               {ineedswin}  
Auto-play by CPU                                      {ineedhelpme}  
Disable CPU auto-play                                 {ineedown}  
Disable fog of war                                    {ineedopenfog}  
Faster game                                           {speed_ex}  
Kills all living things on screen                     {ineedclear}  
Level up                                              {levelup}  
Maximum fighting level for character; still needs
full training                                         {levelmax} 
More food                                             {ineedfood}  
More iron                                             {ineediron}  
More meat                                             {ineedmeat}  
More officers on map                                  {skill_ex}  
More rice                                             {ineedrice}  
More wine                                             {ineedwine}  
More wood                                             {ineedwood}  
Rain in the sky                                       {rain_ex}  
Ruler and highly ranked officers have super powers    {ineedsuperpower} 
Selected person is invincible                         {superman_ex}  
Take screenshot                                       {screenshot_ex}  
View frame rate                                       {fps}  
Toggle day and night                                  {dayandnight_ex}  
Rainy weather                                         {rain}  
Upgrade laborer carry maximum speed and HP            {hlylevelup} 
All levels unlocked for all heroes on hard            {ineedopenallstory} 
All units in production will be completed 
automatically                                         {birth_ex} 
All units and/or upgrades will be completed faster    {addspeed_ex} 
Take speed down by one from anybody                   {subspeed_ex}  

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