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Die by the Sword

Cheat Codes:

To use these codes you must be in a game and press and hold F1 while
entering any of the following. 

Code       Effect

agrav     toggles limb gravity
aiaim     toggles AI behavior
bammf     teleports you to random quick save spots
bills     bills demo typing 
btiny     shrinks you
bzone     toggles graphics between wire frame/shading/nothing/normal
catch     toggle out of world trapping
colid     display possible collision locations
crash     kicks you out of game
dedly     powerful weapon 
fpers     displays sound cache misses
frame     take a screen shot
freez     freeze enemy
funky     toggles funky keys.....
gamma     adjust gamma
gmode     toggles/cycle speeds
gocam     locks camera, press 1 to unlock again
goura     enables gourad shading
hicup     randomly whacks you around
lunar     turns on low gravity
mecam     turns on 1st person view, hit 1 to disable
mukor     enables/disables god mode
nfade     disables and enables palette fading
ntrud     shows an enemy then goes back to you
golrg     makes you larger 
pause     pauses game 
peace     kills all enemies engaged in combat
plane     displays protection and damage points
qsave     quick save game
sepku     kills you
silky     makes enemy not attack but perform scripted functions
sunny     turns off advanced shadows
tough     tough skill level
windo     switches to window mode

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