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Cricket '97 Ashes Edition

Boost Runs:

During the match pause the game and type 131. This will give you a boost
of four or six runs every time you hit the ball! 

Dynamite Wickets:

While playing a game press pause (spacebar), type 1711 then press the
spacebar again. This will give your bowler extra power and pace. It will
also make the wickets explode when hit by the ball. 

Low Gravity:

Pause the game while playing and type "321". This causes a reduction in
gravity. Trouble for the fielders. 

Run Faster:

While a game is in progress press the spacebar to pause the game and
then type Sar. If done correctly Richie Benaud will appear to
congratulate you. This will help you run lightning fast between wickets! 

See the Duck:

While playing, press PAUSE (spacebar) and type "121". This takes you to
the big screen TV on the field and shows a duck walking across it. 

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