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 If you are getting too many black marks from the council,
 get a level two house, and make the tenants 'the punks.'
 After a while they should start to complain about a hedge
 and will give you black marks if you do not drastically
 decrease their rent. Drastically decrease their rent, and
 you will receive some white marks. Then put it up again
 and repeat this until you have no black marks left. Then
 either replace them, agree to their demands or make them
 have children. P.S. if you continue to do this, you will
 receive many white marks which can be exchanged for cash.
 (100 marks for 10,000.)

 Money Trainer:

 1) Copy CONCASH.EXE and BYTECHNG.EXE into you constructor dir.
    , probably C:\ACCLAIM\CN.
 2) From DOS, move into your constructor dir., probably by typing
 3) Type CONCASH
 4) Select a saved game to alter.
 5) Restart Constructor, load your saved game, and enjoy 2 billion
    to spend

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