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Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines

  Type "1982GONZO" during the game. (There is no zero in this
  cheat code). If that doesn't work, try "GONZO1982" instead.

       Now, you have the following options: 
       SHIFT+V      : Trace user. 
       SHIFT+X      : Tele-transport.
       CTRL+I       : You are invincible. 
       CTRL+SHIFT+N : Finish the mission.


Here are the Level codes with the highest military honors.

       Level 2  : YJJXB
       Level 3  : 4FQBF
       Level 4  : 5DNCQ
       Level 5  : 6S5TL
       Level 6  : AT1WN  (maybe ATIWN)
       Level 7  : 09VJ8  (maybe O9VJ8)
       Level 8  : WQ9XB
       Level 9  : Q2AXT
       Level 10 : TUGPD
       Level 11 : 9WODW
       Level 12 : UVHDC
       Level 13 : FBK48
       Level 14 : WA8DW
       Level 15 : KEWD3
       Level 16 : R7IP3
       Level 17 : FXIMV
       Level 18 : ZZMJV
       Level 19 : 8HCWIN
       Level 20 : C7KWW

Your Marine (Diver) can carry two other commandos in
his backpack. It means a safer way of transportation,
as the Diver cannot be seen while diving. On the other
hand, it also could mean if the Diver dies, two of his
buddies die with him. But I never experienced the death
of a Diver with two buddies in his backpack so that's
speculation. How to get two adults in a small backpack?
When the Marine is deflating his boat, two commandos
have to enter it. It takes a perfect timing but if it
works, a small photo of the commando will appear above
the backpack of the Marine.

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